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Bambarra Nut

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Bambarra Nut

Vigna subterranea


Bambarra Nuts are one of Africa's "Lost Crops" and are highly nutritious and tasty legumes, rich in minerals and vitamins, they contain over 19% protein, and are alos high in carbohydrates at 63%. One of the unique benefits is that these amazing legumes also contain a very important antioxidant called kaempferol.

Also known as "the seed that satisfy", this African heirloom is highly productive. Every single part of this plant can be used from the leaves to the roots. the beans are eaten green, or used as traditional beans once mature, they are also ground down either raw or roasted into a tasty nutritious flour.

Being a legume it's  nitrogen fixer and is grown and harvested in a similar manner to peanuts in that the whole plant is lifted and the beans are then shelled. A very hardy variety which makes very little demands on the soil and will thrive where other legume crops fail. Tolerant of high temperatures.

Also known as : Njugo Beans (South-Africa), Cokon (Original local name), Kwam (Northern Nigeria), Nyimo (Zimbabwe), Congo Goober, Earth Pea.

Approx 25 Seeds

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