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Broadpod Robust Thorn - Vachellia robusta

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Broadpod Robust Thorn - Vachellia robusta

Also known as Ankle Thorn, this is a real tough customer. Drought resistant in the extreme this tree will survive some of the harshest drought climates. It can also fare well in USDA Zones 9+ after being protected for the first two years.

Not an exceptionally large tree, but will grow to a good 20 feet in just a few short years. Stunning displays of bee-loving white-cream blooms in early spring, along with a flush of brilliant green new leaves. The leaves will dull down as the season progresses.

Large robust thorns that will get your attention if you disrespect the tree.

Makes for an outstanding potted of bonsai specimen.

Germination: As for all Vachellia spp the seed should be dropped into hot water and left to soak overnight. Seed should be planted into a washed riversand / compost mix (5:1) germination is swift with minimal issues. A heat mat will assist with germination.

Transplant as early as possible after the first true leaves have emerged. NOTE: Be exceptionally careful not to damage the tap-root. Any damage to the tap-root will badly affect or even kill your seedling.

Approx 10 seeds