Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts Seed

As its name implies, Brussels sprouts originated in Brussels, gained popularity and are now available in many countries throughout the world.

As with most Cole crops, Brussels Sprouts are heavy feeders requiring a rich soil that is full of goodness and nutrition to ensure a bountiful harvest.

The tiny, cabbage-like sprouts grow in the axils of each leaf, up the stalk, beginning at the bottom and growing up the main stem. A dusting of frost, enhances and intensifies the flavor, adding a sweet, rich element that is best achieved by this cold.

Considered to be a ‘Super Food’ due to their cancer fighting glucosinolates, which are present in most cruciferous vegetables. They all have the characteristic pungent flavors that seem to be overpowering when overcooked, which gives them a bad reputation. To bring out the best flavors in your home-grown Brussels Sprouts, lightly steam or pan fry. They are also delicious when eaten raw.

Brussels Sprouts Catskill

Brussels Sprouts Catskill

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Long Island Brussels Sprouts

Long Island Brussels Sprouts

Brassica oleracea gemmifera A great variety that produces well, especially in well improved soil...


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