Gourd Seed

Beautiful and useful, gourds are becoming more and more popular. Traditionally grown by African tribeswoman for food and to fashion into bowls and utensils and into birdhouses and bird feeders. Gourds are certainly gaining popularity, especially in the arts and crafts.

Rural communities prepare the young green gourds and leaves as a delicacy. Oil is commonly extracted from the seeds and used for cooking and the seeds are also roasted and eaten as a healthy snack.

The mature gourds are harvested and stored for 6 months before being turned into an assortment of bowls, cups, scoops, utensils, birdhouses and bird feeders.

Gourds are very easy to grow but do require a longer growing season (100 days). Best grown and trained up a trellis to ensure unblemished fruit.

Calabash Birdhouse Gourd

Calabash Birdhouse Gourd

Lagenaria sicerariaThis Calabash is well known for its use as a decoration, as a craft item and for ..


Leraka Gourd

Leraka Gourd

Lagenaria siceraria This traditional African gourd from Lesotho can be eaten when young and is ..


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