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Peacock Iris - Dietes bicolour

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Peacock Iris - Dietes bicolour

Superbly stunning year after year, the Peacock Iris is a worthy addition to your flower garden. In the spring masses upon masses of flowers appear, but only for a day. Fortunately they are quickly replaced by new flowers.

Even more importantly, these flowers will continue through summer until fall, the profusion of flowers will wax and wane over a two week period.
Propagation is via seed or cuttings and if you are in a heavy frost area, you can lift and store the rhizomes over winter. If left undisturbed the plants can form massive clumps, however we find they tend to have more vigor if divided regularly.

Highly drought tolerant, they will handsomely replay water and food with a beautiful show of flowers every year.

This is a worthwhile subject in your garden.

USDA Zone 9b+

Approx 20 seeds