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Pink Trumpet Vine - Podranea ricasoliana

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Pink Trumpet Vine - Podranea ricasoliana

Known by many names, the most common being Pink Trumpet Vine but also Port St John's Lilly or Creeper. This spectacular creeper will provide excellent ground cover or it will climb / ramble over almost any structure. Capable of withstanding short stints of frost but not a hard freeze.

The sweet scent of this vine does not travel and you will need to be quite close to appreciate it's subtle scent. The show that it produces, more than makes up for this.

The plant will bounce back quite quickly in the spring and any dead matter pruned after the last frost. A good thick mulch in fall will help to protect the roots from freezing. If planted as a ground cover it will readily root wherever it touches the soil, and this habit also makes for an easy plant to propagate by cuttings.

Flowering is spectacular, with the plant in bloom for most of summer until the first cold weather sets in.

Cold hardy to USDA 9+, if you are trying to grow it in colder regions, a thick much on the root zone, or alternatively planting it in a large pot that can be moved would be your best option.

Approx 10 seeds