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PomPom Tree - Dias cotonifolia

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PomPom Tree - Dias cotonifolia

Known as the Pompom tree or the Pincushion tree this is one of South Africa's favorite garden and bonsai subjects. These fast growing trees get to their full height in around 5 years. Maximum height in the garden would be around 16'.
They are frost tolerant to a point, and will successfully grow in zones 9 through 11. In Zone 9 it will be deciduous, however in 10+ it will remain evergreen.

These are drought resistant trees and will do well in water stressed environments.

Flowering in from early to mid-summer depending on location. The seeds are very easily germinated and the trees will take well to being started off in a pot and transplanted at a later stage.

The Pompom tree responds very well to Bonsai, with this species being a favorite with new and established growers the world over.

Approx 10 seeds