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River Bush Willow - Combretum erythrophyllum

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River Bush Willow - Combretum erythrophyllum

A superb, quick growing garden tree, this tree is one of our personal favorites as a garden tree, and especially for planting along water.

This is a very popular garden tree in the United  States. They are surprising drought tolerant, an added bonus is the roots or this tree make a very fine mat creating an almost water resistant lining. This reduces the amount of water that is lost to underground seepage and holding water in place, which makes them the perfect tree to plant along water bodies.

The trunks of these trees often develop knobs and gnarled outgrowths, making them perfect as bonsai subject as they give the appearance of great age. This deciduous tree has a stunning red fall color when the leaves fall.

Very easily grown from seed, and will reach 15' in under 3 years. Protect the seedlings from frost for the first 2 years.

USDA Zones 8b+ after the second year.

Approx 10 seeds.