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Silver Cluster Leaf - Terminalia sericea

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Silver Cluster Leaf - Terminalia sericea

The Silver Cluster leaf is a pioneer species that is both tolerant of drought and waterlogged soils, in addition to this it is tolerant of saline soil. All of these make Terminalia sericea a really great tree to use in the restoration of land that has been badly affected by erosion. A quick growing tree it can get to 30' tall when planted in a garden or around 20' when planted as an isolated specimen.

The growth habit of the branches is quite unusual where the majority of the foliage is concentrated on the ends of each branch, giving it it's common name.

Suited to dryer and arid conditions, it will also thrive in wetter environments, as well as making a very hardy and capable bonsai subject.

Grows easily from seed.

USDA Zone 9+

Approx 10 seeds