Swede / Rutabaga

Swede Rutabaga Seed

Also known as Swedish turnip or yellow turnip, one of my personal favorites, Rutabaga. Almost radish like in texture and bite, divinely crunchy. A stir fry is incomplete without rutabaga!

I think the secret is in the crunch and the mild flavors that blend so well with just about anything. Can also be boiled with carrot and mashed, or boiled and mashed with butter. The greens are also delicious and can be cooked similarly to kale.

A cool weather crop that is best planted in late summer for a fall harvest or in fall for a winter harvest in milder winter climates. If planted in spring, they tend to bolt as soon as the daytime temperatures increase.

American Purple Top Rutabaga

American Purple Top Rutabaga

Brassica napus This fast growing crop is great eaten cooked or raw. American Purple Top Rutabag..


Laurentian Rutabaga

Laurentian Rutabaga

Brassica napusA swede turnip that is an improved "purple top" rutabaga. Large, globular roots that h..


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