• Sweet Thorn - Vachellia karroo

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Sweet Thorn - Vachellia karroo

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Sweet Thorn - Vachellia karroo

One of Africa's ubiquitous thorn trees. This is the home of many species of bird, insects and animals. The Sweet Thorn is also a primary food species for many African browsing and grazing animals. A very unique aspect of this tree is that it is able to release pheromones into the air that tells other trees downwind that they need to start releasing tannin to increase bitterness in their leaves so that the browsing animals will not damage the trees too much. Thus you will often find browsing animals eating on these trees, and only moving off once the trees become bitter, when the animals move off, they will feed in an upwind pattern so as to only eat trees that taste sweet.

Sweet Thorn makes for an excellent shade or feature tree in Zone 10+ and also make a very worthwhile bonsai subject. Dwarfing very well and it's small leaflets and brilliant yellow flowers creating a very pleasant contrast.

Germination: As for all Vachellia spp the seed should be dropped into hot water and left to soak overnight. Seed should be planted into a washed riversand / compost mix (5:1) germination is swift with minimal issues. A heat mat will assist with germination.

Transplant as early as possible after the first true leaves have emerged. NOTE: Be exceptionally careful not to damage the tap-root. Any damage to the tap-root will badly affect or even kill your seedling.

Approx 10 seeds