Turnip Seed

A cool weather, quick and easy growing crop that is extremely rewarding and valuable to grow.

The white flesh is delicious boiled and mashed with butter and roasted turnips make a tasty side dish fit for a king.

Plant in early spring for an early summer harvest, or in late summer for a fall harvest, or in fall for a late fall or an early winter harvest.

Golden Globe Turnip

Golden Globe Turnip

Brassica rapa glabra A light golden skinned turnip with a superb, fine grained flesh. An easy gro..


Purple Top White Globe

Purple Top White Globe

Brassica rapa glabra Widely grown since the 1800's, produces uniformly top-shaped, white globes w..


Shogoin Japanese Turnip

Shogoin Japanese Turnip

Brassica rapaThis traditional Japanese turnip variety is a quick grower and can be harvested for its..


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