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Umbrella Thorn Acacia - Vachellia tortilis

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Umbrella Thorn Acacia - Vachellia tortilis

All of the African "Acacia spp" have been moved to the genus Vachellia, this tree is one of the most iconic African bushveld trees and it flat canopy is distinctive and memorable.

Drought tolerant and mildly frost resistant, this tree is simply superb, making a statement as a specimen tree with a canopy height of 60' which makes for a worthy specimen tree.

Can be slow growing and it is not really frost tolerant for the first few years.

Germination: As for all Vachellia spp the seed should be dropped into hot water and left to soak overnight. Seed should be planted into a washed riversand / compost mix (5:1) germination is swift with minimal issues. A heat mat will assist with germination.

Transplant as early as possible after the first true leaves have emerged. NOTE: Be exceptionally careful not to damage the tap-root. Any damage to the tap-root will badly affect or even kill your seedling.

USDA Zone 10+

Approx 10 seeds