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Weeping Boer-bean - Schotia brachypetala

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Weeping Boer-bean - Schotia brachypetala

This is an exceptional feature tree in any garden in Zones 10b+. Expect a tree of substantial proportions after 5-6 years and a fulling grown tree from around year 10-12.

This tree grows at around 3' per year and will start to flower from around year 3 or 4. The attraction of this outstanding tree is not limited to it's beautiful and plentiful flowers, but by the fact that every nectar eating insect or bird will make your garden their very first stop. So copious is the nectar produced by this tree that it literally weeps with nectar while in flower, giving rise to it's common name. The Weeping Boer-bean in your garden will be a hive of activity all day - every day whilst it is in flower.

The flowers and bright yellow seed arils are also a great source of food for birds that will actively feed on the seeds and flowers as well, further extending the usefulness of this tree.

Not all trees will flower at the same time, so if you have multiple trees in the same garden you will probably have an extended flowering season.

The Weeping Boer-bean will also make a great bonsai tree in your collection, dwarfing very well and quickly showing age on both the branches and trunks.

5 seeds per packet.