• Emmer Wheat

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Emmer Wheat

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Emmer Wheat

This is an ancient grain originates in the so-called Fertile Crescent of the Middle East, it is the predecessor of modern wheat. Naturally low in gluten, but high n both fiber and protein, milled Emmer imparts a wonderful nutty yet sweet flavor to baked goods. A tall growing wheat, expect plants to grow to at least 3' (1 meter) tall.

One of the greatest values of these ancient grains is that they are not fertilizer dependent and are able to produce a good crop of grain on marginal soils, in fact a high fertility soil could cause lodging of the stems leading to a poor harvest.

Typically also used as a rice substitute, it is best soaked overnight to reduce the cooking time to around 15-20 minutes. However it is often used as 'farro' in Mediterranean dishes where it can be used in soups, salads and many other traditional dishes.

Approx 200 seeds