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Quey Teff

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Quey Teff

Quey Teff (pronounced key) is a traditional East African grain that is predominantly used to to make a gluten-free flat bread called Injera. This is a type of sourdough fermented bread that is cooked on a flat griddle. the bread has a pretty dimpled porous surface that allows it to hold and collect sauces. Injera is a staple and is consumed with almost every meal.

Growing your own teff grain is the perfect option for people looking for a sustainable gluten-free bread option.

There are different types of teff, the naming is typically based off of the color of the grain Quey is red, Nech is white and Sergegna would be a mix between the two varieties. These is also a very rare black teff that makes a dark brown bread.

Approx 2000 seeds